Individually  Handmade  Custom  Commissioned  Pieces  of  Furniture            

                             made  of  Mahogany,  Walnut  &  Ebony  with  possible  Inlays.

In today’s world of instant gratification it’s refreshing to see there is still a place you can go that gives the attention to detail deserving of this type of furniture.  David B. Hellman and Associates do just that in the way they create each piece of furniture.  Their custom furniture is all about Details and Subtlety creating a warm and inviting design.                                                                  

 avid B.  Hellman and Associates are a group of Recognized Professional Furniture & Cabinet Makers located near Boston, Massachusetts having 20+ years experience in building and teaching the art of Fine Furniture Making. They are passionate about the furniture they create.  The furniture’s decorative element originates from the actual structure of the piece. The point where two different parts meet is highlighted and becomes a celebration of joinery.         

Custom made furniture inspired by the designs of  California architects  Charles Sumner Greene (1868-1957)  and  Henry Mather Greene (1870-1954).  Each detail is carefully crafted dependent upon the client’s needs using the design vocabulary of  Greene  &   Greene.                                                                                                                    


ubtle curves and gentle stepping where one part meets another with possible inlays of fruitwood, ebony, silver, abalone, mother-of pearl or turquoise makes each piece of furniture pleasing to the eye. 


he Greene Brother’s attention to detail combining design aesthetics and master craftsmanship is unsurpassed.  David B. Hellman   and  Associates  achieve those extremely high standards of craftsmanship. 

 Each custom commissioned project of individually handcrafted furniture is carried out with the utmost care and thought in design, materials, joinery and finish.



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